Selasa, 09 April 2013

Ten ways to survive the depression and profit making

1. Just trying to make money where you know you can really do. Do not try to make money in new directions, unless you can ‘ waterproof ‘ very inexpensively and can afford to spend the time and money you have invested.

2. have a good long look at your expense. Where can of course cut? What can you do without?

3. try to pay all your bills immediately. In this way you gain a peace of mind because it is always possible to delay paying if necessary. You may need a cushion to fall back on which you don’t if you’re already paying the Bills at the last minute.

4. keep track of your expenses and try to spend less. For example, when going shopping and normally spend $ 20, get $ 15 only. This will force you to cut. If you are in business, keep track of each days expenditure compared to daily takings. Never spend more than you take. Compete on costs with you weeks smaller and larger collections of weeks.

5. Watch, watch, watch all the time to reduce the prices of items you must buy. Check the quality of first; It’s amazing the savings that can be made.

6. If you have the time, but little money, not spending that time brooding or depressed. Read books that will elevate. Learn more about topics that could help you make more money and plan your way to more money. Keep active. You won’t get anywhere if you don’t.

7. If you don’t have time, it’s still important to keep the morale high. Record some chapters or lifting quotations from books and play while you work. Keep a notebook handy and jot down any ideas that will improve your situation you have. Try to find 15 minutes to half an hour each day planning your work and make a plan for the future. This is vital as it will save you more than the half-hour passed.

8. before the loan to raise capital, look around your House and find unwanted things that are obviously things you could do with out. Sell these. You could raise several hundred dollars so if you are lucky.

9. don’t go for fast money. Only a small minority ever reach it. In order to cut costs a bit each week and increase your income a bit each week.

10. If you really need to borrow, always remember that it must pay back more interest. There is nothing wrong with the loan if it is carefully planned. Consider the initial expenditure, the costs and the time it will take before you have paid advertising. NEVER borrow unless thoroughly tested as you can possibly before and even then, plan things take longer than you thought as well as being a lot harder than you thought.

‘ Slow but sure is a must. The good thing is that if you can survive in a vacuum, you’ll be sure to find easier after it.

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